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Yes, as you might already noticed it is my favorite band ever.



One cannot like Rhapsody and ignore the wonderful solo work of its leader



If you like orchestras you might as well like opera vocals



They are inventors of the Power Metal genre. Particularly I don't like The Dark Ride very much.



Stratovarius excellent playing, with black metal growls, if you don't like BM vocals, learn to like them and you will have beautiful music to hear.


Fantasy, folkish tunes, and beautiful metal joins.


Fantasy themes, melodic metal, skillful guitar playing, etc.


For some its common power metal, but this band has something more.


Godfather of Power Metal, KAI HANSEN's band.


Skillful players, and beautiful Finnish power metal tunes.


The fathers of Finnish power metal


For these I haven't find banners, but they really deserve to be here:

Avantasia: Certainly my favorite albums of 2001 and 2002. Tobi's music is incredible.

The Bard's Guild: which of course ´I am member of.